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Keep A Breast is a non-profit organization (under the French law of 1901) whose mission is to fight breast cancer through preventive actions aimed at young women around the world.

Since September 2020, Charlie's Agency has been happy to support Keep A Breast in press relations and influence for the launch of its self-palpation app. And, in the overhaul of its digital communications for its European branch with the aim of being more impactful with target audiences.

The agency reworked the association's strategic positioning to optimize its actions in Europe and boost awareness. This was achieved by redefining messages and a new visual identity closer to Keep A Breast's values.

Today, Charlie's Agency is in charge of Keep A Breast's digital communications, ensuring consistency between all its awareness-raising tools.

-editorial planning,
-community management,
-art direction,

-blog: design/editing of articles
-monthly newsletter (...)